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Friends of the Polperro Festival Giving something back…

The Polperro Music Festival is a free festival, which brings a lot of money into the village each year, and it`s kept that way by all the people who organise it being unpaid volunteers. During the festival itself, there`s a huge demand for assistance. Could you help? We appreciate most people may not have sufficient time to come to regular meetings or want to be on the committee etc, but there are so many other ways people can help out. By becoming a `Friend of the Festival`, you can let us know when you might be available, and we can then suggest  things that you can do to help. It could range from rattling a collecting tin, helping to carry gear, set up stage, man a table, anything really. It can be as much or as little as you can manage. Why not come and have fun while helping ensure the festival continues?  If you feel you`d like to play your part, or you know someone else who would, just send us your/their name, email address and mobile, using the form below, and we`ll be in touch…  Thanks

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