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Day 8


Joanna Cooke

Joanna Cooke has a voice that mesmerises whenever it is heard.

Her high quality vocals, and top-line writing skills ,have been used internationally by dance music producers in Brazil, Australia, South Africa and Europe.

Yet, it's with her own music that some of the biggest strides are being made. A first single "Last June" with long time collaborator Nathan Austin, was followed in 2015 by Joanna's well-received debut EP "Remember Me". Featuring four of her own compositions, the record saw Joanna's expressive and distinctive vocals work the full range of emotions from warm, cultured and classy to heartfelt powerhouse expression. Live show work leapt to well over 100 appearances a year, plus several radio sessions.

That momentum has been maintained. The release of another EP, 2016's "Wound Up", with four more self-compositions, displays a strong range of material, providing the perfect platform for the soulful vocals and melodic qualities at the heart of Joanna's growing reputation. Together with a busy live schedule and a growing fan-base, there has been increase media interest too, with TV and radio appearances for Joanna on both the BBC One TV (South West) Spotlight Summer Sessions, and the 'BBC Introducing' Devon shows.

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Sunday 17th June 5.00pm-6.30pm


A true Rock pedigree, delivering a snarlingly good set with plenty of  bite, Dobermann are a rock band founded in 2011 by bassist and singer  Paul Del Bello, who previously toured for gazillions of dates with NYC Legend Adam Bomb, and played and worked with names such as Steven Adler and Michael Monroe all over Europe and US.

In a bit less than 4 years Dobermann toured Italy, Switzerland,  Germany, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Austria and  France, hitting the road for more than 500 concerts and 250.000 kms ,  sharing stages with some major acts such as the Quireboys, Richie  Ramone, Blaze Bailey, Marky Ramone, Gilby Clarke, Henry Padovani and Rhino Bucket.

They have also toured extensively the UK for more than 100 dates in 3 years, headlining their own shows and playing some opening slots at O2  academies in Newcastle and Islington,and events such as Glammed out festival in London and Real Ale festival in Banbury, with no label, no management and no booking agent.

No triggers, no keyboards, no overdubs: just 3 guys who quit their dayjobs to live the life on the road, their gear and their van, playing  pure and simple rock and roll.

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Saturday 17th June 7.00pm-8.30pm

Company B

Company B are a "rowdy" jump jive band playing music from all the "Louis'" (Jordan and Prima), Bull Moose Jackson, Wynonie Harris and Tiny Bradshaw.

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Saturday 17th June 3.00-4.30pm

Face painter around the village for children .

Final procession of the festival with Samba Energia

and kids fancy dress , theme is Cornish legends

Music on Big Green

Music on the upper fish quay from Local artists.

Hyper act I've drama group at Polperro village hall

BBQ on Big Green