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Day 1


The Soul Stroke

"The Soul Stroke. A 4 piece Soul.Funk.Jazz dance-band from South-East Cornwall and South Devon. They play rare funk 45's live; incorporating the best of New Orleans gumbo, L.A sun-drenched groove, New York deep soul, late 60's heavy funk, early 70's psyche-funk and selections from the modern European scene. They have been described as "so not bad that I didn't leave", and remarks of "I could hear myself think". They've been getting rave reviews from their audiences on their continuing tour of the pubs, bars and clubs of the South-West, so enjoy a meze of some of the finest organic dance music to lift your bums onto the dancefloor. And shake."

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Saturday 10th June 5.00pm-6.30pm

The Wireless

The Wireless are currently celebrating their 10th year during which time they have entertained audiences across Europe. Whether it’s a sweaty residency in the south of France, performing with Eurovison entrants in Ireland, playing exclusive weddings in Salisbury Cathedral or partying it up at the Cornish Cyder Farm.

Rob C provides wah-wah driven acoustic guitar, psychedelic Si Hackers holds the bottom end down on bass and the Marvellous Marvis Baldini provides drums and percussion, with vocal duties distributed throughout the band.

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Saturday 10th June 7.00pm-8.30pm

Sargent flint

The South East Cornwall 5 Piece, Sergeant Flint’s soaring vocals, burning guitars, energetic bass riffs and pounding drums, have kept them busy with private/public functions, parties and weddings since they formed in 2008. Their mixture of classic and modern rock covers from bands like Cream, The Kinks, Primal Scream, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon and many more.

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Saturday 10th June  Day 1

Procession with Kernow pipes and drums Aquabata samba

Unveiling of New mayor

Merry men tour through the village

Music in Big Green

Music on the Upper fish quay from local artists

BBQ on Big Green